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What is Miele in culla©

Miele in Culla© is the idea of preserving honey as bees produce it, preserving its taste, flavor and natural qualities. This is why we keep it in a pot made entirely of organic beeswax. From the strictly organic production of honey, we place it in natural packaging with a delicate shape. The pot of our invention and production and protected by patent preserves this treasure guaranteeing all the properties, simply natural.

The idea we are developing is to guarantee a different extraction method than normal. We will not limit ourselves to storing the honey in the wax pot but we will ensure that it never abandons it from the extraction of the honeycombs to the placing in Miele in cradle©. All in semi-dark conditions just like bees do inside the hive.

Vasetto in cera d'api di Miele in culla

The only beeswax pot

Miele in Culla© is the original and only beeswax pot that preserves honey from production to jarring. All while observing the rigorous organic regulations. It is the first and the only one because it is guaranteed and has won multiple awards not only for its packaging but also for its quality. Confirming the naturalness of the product and our particular commitment to our passion

Paesaggio dal laboratorio di Miele in culla

Nature and organic

It is always difficult to talk about organic in beekeeping. Our commitment is not only management that observes the rhythm of the bees but also and above all the choice of pasture that is always certified organic or away from pollution and noise. In short, pristine and ideal environments for our bees. The choice of the harvesting environment coincides with our strong commitment to the tranquility and healthiness of bees, the fulcrum of our work and our planet

Miele in Culla

Patents and certifications

Certificazioni Miele in culla
The Miele in Culla© pots are a product of excellence and not easy to make. The choice to patent the creative and manufacturing process was dictated by the need to guarantee a clean, resistant product made with respect for the environment… In short, a high quality product. The experience in wax processing and the desire to improve our products combined with continuous research make Miele in Culla© pots a truly unique product, which deserves to be protected from the hive to the famous pot.

To fully guarantee quality and reliability, the food contact certificate was obtained, a certificate that guarantees the use of materials suitable for containing food.
The use of certified materials helps to create a product which, having passed laboratory tests, was deemed suitable to also obtain the certificate.
The improvement of the pot production technique was long and difficult and required very complicated studies, discussions and processes.

Awards and accolades

Francesco Varallo - Miele in Culla

Francesco Varallo

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Miele in Culla

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Manufacturing process

The Miele in culla© pots are completely handcrafted. We self-made the molds and the production process. The wax produced after the analyzes is melted and poured, once it has cooled the mold is opened revealing our flagship, the Miele in culla© pot. It is then filled with our seasonal honey, closed with its beeswax cap, labeled and sealed with beeswrap and equipped with a honey dipper. All done in our laboratory.

Da dove viene il miele 1000 fiori di Miele in culla

Where does honey come from

The places where we let our bees graze are the most varied, but carefully chosen. The nectar that bees collect from flowers is always heterogeneous and only they know how to combine ever-changing characteristics and flavours, a magic that man will never be able to match. From wildflower to chestnut, from acacia to heather, these are just some of the honeys that we try to get the bees to collect every year. Yes, try, because security and continuity with the seasons and the bees does not exist. So we move as nature indicates to us during the year. To confirm and respect our commitment to these precious beings. Because the bees produce honey, which is already perfect, we just let them carry us. Discover what each year has to say through our honeys.

How to reuse Miele in culla©

You have a precious container in your hands. Not only because it is natural and organic but also because it is reusable, eco-sustainable, and elegant. Once the honey is finished it can be washed and refilled. A little curing after refilling will reinvigorate any glass honey. Because the pot will remain with its typical wax odor for years. What if it breaks? It can happen, as with all containers, but don't throw it away. You can melt it in a bain-marie and make a candle with the supplied wick or an ointment. It is a container in all respects and its uses are the most varied.

Vasetto in cera d'api di Miele in culla

About us

Honey ambassadors interview with Francesco Varallo by Lucia Pini

Guasticce Miele in culla is a hit at the London Honey Awards!

From Tuscany comes "Miele in Culla®" Slow and green product that won recognition at the latest London Honey Awards.

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