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Because our honey is enclosed in special beeswax pots which are real natural cradles that protect and preserve it. We followed the example of the bees who preserve and protect their honey inside the hive made of wax.

The honey we produce reflects the territory and the work of the bees, our production therefore varies depending on the seasons and the location of the apiaries. The honey we continuously produce is wildflower honey, but you can also find – depending on the seasons – acacia honey, eucalyptus honey, lime tree honey.

The Miele in culla© pots are made of natural beeswax. A quality material that we have shaped to give shape to our characteristic pots that contain honey. The beeswax we use has the Food Contact Materials certificate which guarantees its total suitability for direct contact with food products.

The real beeswax pots are available in four different sizes: 35g, 140g, 350g and 750g. We have thought of various formats to allow you to choose the one best suited to your interest: from the smallest for a taste or a little gift, up to the largest for a supply of honey with a unique flavour.

The flavorings are applied thanks to the addition of some natural ingredients that you can choose according to your taste or to surprise a loved one with a special gift. You can choose a flavoring with cinnamon, saffron, cocoa, orange blossom, lavender or even chilli.

The flavoring you choose will be applied to the beeswax in the pot. Our in-depth studies, in fact, have allowed us to discover that honey absorbs odors, for this reason we do not flavor the honey directly but the beeswax from the pot, which will transmit its aroma to the honey by contact, in a completely natural way.

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