Party favors

Natural favors for your special day

Are you looking for a unique and original gift for your wedding guests? Miele in culla®’s wedding favors is the special gift you're looking for! To commemorate your most beautiful day, offer your guests organic honey inside a natural beeswax cradle: with every taste, they'll reminisce about your happiness and experience the delight of savoring honey as if it were just fresh from the hive.

Surprise your guests with a unique gift and the genuine taste of Miele in culla®.

Miele in culla® party favors

Each wedding favor is handmade to provide you with a crafted product made with love. To ensure that the favors reflect your desires and the style of your wedding, you can choose which honey to use for the wedding favors. The Miele in culla® jars are available in four different sizes (35g, 140g, 350g, and 750g) to find the perfect party favor for all your guests.

Miele in culla® in your most beautiful day

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