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What Miele in culla® is

Miele in culla® is the idea of preserving honey as bees produce it, maintaining its taste, flavor and natural qualities. For this reason we store it in a jar made entirely of organic beeswax. From our strictly organic honey production, we package it in a natural and delicately shaped container. Our patented, self-designed jar protects this treasure, ensuring all its properties, purely natural.

The idea we are developing is to ensure a different method of extraction. We are not simply preserving honey in a beeswax jar, but we will make sure that honey never leaves the wax in the extraction’s process from the honeycombs up to the moment of potting it in the Miele in culla®. The semi-dark conditions of all this process reproduce the bees’ activities inside the hive.

Vasetto in cera d'api di Miele in culla

The only one in the beeswax jar

Miele in culla® is the original and only beeswax jar that preserves honey from production to bottling, all while adhering to strict organic standards. It is the first and only one of its kind, guaranteed and awarded not only for its packaging but also for its quality. This is a way to confirm the naturalness of the product and our unique commitment to our passion.

Paesaggio dal laboratorio di Miele in culla

Nature and organic

It is always challenging to talk about organic practices in beekeeping. Our commitment involves not only managing the bees in harmony with their natural rhythm but also, and above all, choosing foraging areas that are always certified as organic or far from pollution and noise. In other words, uncontaminated environments that are ideal for our bees. The selection of the honey hunting environment aligns with our strong dedication to the tranquility and health of the bees, the cornerstone of our work and our planet.

Miele in Culla

Patents and certifications

Brevetti e certificazioni - Miele in culla

The jars of Miele in culla® – Miele in culla® – are a product of excellence and not easily achievable. The decision to patent the creative and manufacturing process was driven by the need to guarantee a clean, durable product that is made with respect for the environment: in short, a product of high quality. Our experience in working with beeswax and the desire to enhance our products, combined with ongoing research, make the Miele in culla® – jars a truly unique product that deserves protection from the hive to the renowned jar.

We have obtained the food contact certificate, to ensure complete quality and reliability. This is a certification that warrants the use of the right materials for containing food. The use of certified materials contributes to creating a product that, after passing laboratory tests, has been deemed suitable to obtain its own certification. The refinement of the jar production technique was a long and challenging process, requiring extensive studies, discussions, and intricate work.

Awards and accolades

Francesco Varallo - Miele in Culla

Francesco Varallo

Francesco was born in Livorno, in 1984, and grew up in Nugola, a small Tuscan village in the country region of Livorno. Not by chance, the street where he lives and has built his beekeeping business is called “Valle al Bugno,” recalling the historical use of this area by the old residents of Nugola: raising hives of bees. It is impossible to establish whether it is destiny or not, but it is true that Francesco embraces it wholeheartedly. The years passed until adulthood among local football matches, the Sunday matches of his team, piano and guitar playing, gardening, walks in the woods, and perhaps even studying.

Indeed, he failed his third year of scientific high school—no big deal, except for those two or three people, he could not stand the rest of his classmates. Nonetheless, he would have washed away the shame of failing in high school by graduating in archaeology a few years later (and Francesco embraces it wholeheartedly).

The love for beekeeping began in 2011, following a visit to Montalcino with Francesca, who became his wife in 2021 (this time he really embraced it wholeheartedly), during a visit to an apiary. He then decided to start with two beehives. The enthusiasm for the first batch of honey slowly led him to increase the number of beehive boxes. However, it was only in 2019 that he decided to leave his job (he had taken over his parents’ grocery store) to fully engage himself in beekeeping. 

This is thanks to Miele in culla® – Miele in culla®. The idea was born a few years earlier, but it had already opened doors for him and given him the courage to make this leap.

La Corte delle Regine exports nowadays royal jelly abroad, an opportunity facilitated by the appeal that Miele in culla® – Miele in culla® has had on its current international partners. This has provided the foundation to refine, promote, and above all, support the ongoing innovations of the company and to give particular attention to honey production as well as the health of the bees.

In 2019, he officially acquired the qualification of IAP (Professional Agricultural Entrepreneur) and, after 4 years, the certification as an organic company.

Francesco is now steadily and perseveringly growing with his company and professional skills. If you want, you can drop by to say hello, as long as he is not in the midst of his bees!

Miele in Culla

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Production process

Miele in culla® jars are completely handcrafted. We self-made the molds and the production process. The wax produced after the analyzes is melted and poured, once it has cooled the mold is opened revealing our flagship, the Miele in cradle® jar. It is then filled with our seasonal honey, closed with its beeswax cap, labeled and sealed with beeswrap and equipped with a honey dipper. Everything in our laboratory.

Da dove viene il miele 1000 fiori di Miele in culla

Where does honey come from

The locations where we let our bees graze are the most varied, but carefully chosen. The nectar that bees collect from flowers is always heterogeneous and only they know how to combine ever-changing characteristics and flavours, a magic that man will never be able to match. From wildflower to chestnut, from acacia to heather, these are just some of the honeys that we try to get the bees to collect every year. Let's try, because security and continuity with the seasons and the bees does not exist. So we move as nature indicates to us during the year. To confirm and respect our commitment to these precious beings. Because bees produce honey, which is already perfect, we just get carried away. Discover what each year has to say through our honeys.

How to reuse Miele in culla®

You have a precious container in your hands. Not only because it is natural and organic but also because it is reusable, eco-sustainable, and elegant. Once the honey is finished it can be washed and refilled. A little curing after refilling will reinvigorate any glass honey. Because the jar will remain with its typical wax smell for years. What if it breaks? It can happen, as with all containers but don't throw it away. You can melt it in a bain-marie and make a candle with the supplied wick or an ointment. It is a container in all respects and the uses are the most varied.

Vasetto in cera d'api di Miele in culla

About us

Honey ambassadors interview with Francesco Varallo by Lucia Pini

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