Wildflower honey 300gr

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Wildflower honey is always different honey.
Each season tells a different story.

In fact, our bees collect different nectars every season, such as sulla, sunflower, bramble and clover. For this reason the taste of wildflower honey is always a discovery and always brings with it different notes from the territory.

A sweet and versatile honey, it is liquid and almost always amber in color as soon as it is harvested. In a few months the honey crystallizes – a completely natural process that reveals the goodness and authenticity of the product – and changes to a pleasantly spreadable consistency, which adapts perfectly to fresh and medium-aged cheese.

The 300 g format is the pot that allows you to prolong the unique experience of the taste of wildflower honey over time, which is why it is the ideal format for honey enthusiasts.

Why choose Miele in culla

  • The only honey in the beeswax pot
  • Entirely organic product
  • We respect bees and the environment
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Data sheet

  • Place of production: Collesalvetti, Livorno
  • Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct light.

Features and combinations

  • Amber color, floral scent and fruity taste.
  • Excellent in combination with fresh and medium-aged cheese.
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Wildflower honey



Formato vasetto



Collesalvetti (LI)

Periodo di produzione

April, August, July, June, May, September

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