Chestnut Honey 700gr

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Chestnut honey is the jewel in the crown of Miele in Culla. Multi-awarded at the prestigious international London Honey Awards competition with awards in 2020 for both the Quality and Design sections, it is a guarantee of taste and quality for our admirers.

Our bees produce chestnut honey in the Val di Vara, the green oasis of Eastern Liguria, collecting nectar among chestnut woods, lavender fields and blackberry bushes. The strong notes coming from the chestnut are enriched with the scents of other plant species, to give our honey a unique and enveloping flavour, which speaks of uncontaminated nature.

Chestnut honey is dark amber, its scent is floral, typical of chestnut trees, and is delicate and at the same time strong on the palate, with characteristic bitter notes. Precisely this special agreement between strong and delicate allows you to combine chestnut honey with fresh cheese but also with breakfast desserts, such as pancakes.

If you love the unique taste of chestnut honey and can’t do without it, the 700 g pot is the format you can’t miss. You will be able to enjoy the flavors and taste of this honey with ancient roots preserved in the only real beeswax pot.

Why choose Miele in culla

– The only honey in the beeswax pot
– Entirely organic product
– We respect bees and the environment

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Data sheet

  • Place of production: Val di Vara, La Spezia
  • Storage advice: Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct light.

Features and combinations

  • Dark amber color, bitter but delicate taste. Fresh and floral scent.
  • Versatile in combinations. Perfect with drinks, cheese and even complex dishes.
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Chestnut honey

Formato vasetto



Dark amber


Val di Vara (SP)

Periodo di produzione

July, June

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