Acacia Honey 300gr

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Acacia is the most requested honey, thanks to its delicate taste and the versatility with which it pairs with foods and drinks of all kinds.
The acacia honey is collected in the pristine areas of the Val di Vara, the green oasis of Eastern Liguria. In such a pure territory our bees collect the nectar of the acacia to offer you a honey that reflects the characteristics so appreciated and which transmits the authentic notes of nature with every tasting.

It is extremely delicate, with a very light color and a liquid consistency that lasts over time. It is characterized by a sugared and vanilla flavor that pairs elegantly and discreetly with foods and drinks: it accompanies coffee or herbal teas without changing their flavor and on the table it pairs very well with cheese of various ages and even the most demanding dishes.

If you don’t want to stop at the first taste of acacia honey, the 300 g format is the ideal version for you. Continue to enjoy the sugary sweetness of acacia honey over time, perfectly preserved in the real beeswax jar.

Why choose Miele in culla

  • The only honey in the beeswax pot
  • Entirely organic product
  • We respect bees and the environment
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Data sheet

  • Place of production: Val di Vara, La Spezia
  • Storage tips: Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct light.

Features and combinations

  • Very light colour, straw yellow, very delicate, vanilla and sugary flavour. Mild scent.
  • Versatile in combinations. Perfect with drinks, cheese and even complex dishes.
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Acacia honey


Light amber

Formato vasetto



Val di Vara (SP)

Periodo di produzione

April, May

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