How to enjoy it

Types of Honey

Honeys are always different but with small constant characteristics. We always try to produce the great classics, acacia, chestnut and wildflower, but from year to year there may be more peculiar productions such as heather, sunflower, honeydew, follow us to find out which honeys we reserve for harvesting each year.

Miene in barattoli di verto

Differences with Honey in glass

During the production processes, honey, like oil and wine, comes into contact with light and air and oxidizes, losing its precious characteristics. This is the case of honey in glass. Our Miele in culla© pot, on the other hand, protects our crops and gives them, being in their natural environment, more vigor, making them warmer and softer on the palate compared to classic glass preservation.

Storage Tips

Miele in culla© does not need to be stored in the refrigerator and is not afraid of summer. Canonical conservation is ideal, in cool, dry places.

Photographs of tastings with Miele in culla

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